Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Favorite Mario Ink

What better why to show your love, and fandom than getting a Nintendo tattoo, something that will last a lifetime? They might be geeky, but in the end they are just plain ultimate, and maybe just a litte bit painful.
Here are some of our favorite Mario themed tats.

Brought to you by Modblog, this has to be the ultimate Nintendo themed tattoo ever, we got a field of Yoshis, a kick butt Samus, Donkey Kong, an amazing Link, Mr. Game and Watch, as well as our man Mario. It is all beautifully done with a full colour sleeve.

Tattoo by Juan Pablo Quintero ( Pajo), Opio, Medellin Colombia)
Who ever this belongs to, they are carrying around one wicked bowser tattoo.

by DIEGO (tattoo corps), Www.Myspace.Com/Diego_Tattoos, Medell├ŹN- Colombia!!)
Another wicked tattoo sleeve tattoo, Bowser, Luigi, and Mario are the stars of this tattoo.

I'm going to say not only is this a wicked Mario themed back piece, it's downright beautiful, the colours are amazing. I'm not sure who owns this, but who ever does, they should wear it with pride, it's that cool.

Do you have a Mario, or Nintendo themed tattoo, or know of even cooler ones, go ahead and post a comment. Next time, I'll be posting my favorite Zelda themed tattoos.

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Zeenat said...

aww man i used to be obsessed with browsing thru tats on bme