Monday, May 12, 2008

New P&D Pokemon Sequel unofficially announced

For all those Pokemon fans who have been waiting for the sequel to Pokemon Diamond, and Pearl for the DS, it appears that it has unofficially announced to be called Pokemon Platinum. The first image from what appears to be the next CoroCoro has arrived, this single page scan shows Pokemon Platinum, what appears to be a new battle interface, and costume for the main character.

According to TheTanooki, Platinum will be out in September in Japan.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wii it Blend?

The age old question answered, what happens when the Wii remote meets the blender? Take a look above to see the answer. :P

Nintendo to donate $5 to the American Heart Association for every attendee who tries Wii Fit.

If you live in the New York Area , why not go down to Central Park and try out the soon to be smash hit, Wii Fit. Not only will you be having fun, you are giving as well, because Nintendo will be giving $5.00 for everyone who comes down to give it a try(up to $25,000). It's pretty generous, since five dollars a person is a pretty penny, ignoring the fact they do make millions a day. However you don't see Sony, or Microsoft doing this for any game releases.

WHO: Hundreds of parents, kids, fitness enthusiasts, American Heart Association supporters and consumers of all ages. Executives from Nintendo and the American Heart Association New York City volunteer leadership.

WHEN: Monday, May 19, 2008, Event: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

WHERE: Central Park, Merchants' Gate
Located at the intersection of Central Park West, Central Park South, Columbus Circle and Broadway in Manhattan

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Duck Hunt Lamp

Some crafty person with some spare times on their hands made this rather sweet Duck Hunt lamp. Pretty amazing if you ask me, and I wouldn't mind this sucker in my bed room.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Show your Skill in Worldwide Mario Kart Wii Tournaments

mario kart wii

Do you think your good at Mario Kart Wii, how about you show the world your awesome skills. Nintendo, every few weeks will release a new tournament on the Mario Kart Channel. Tournaments will place in the form of a challenge for players. The challenges could be racing a certain course with a certain character as fast as possible, collect a number of coins on a course using a certain controller type.

Look today, and your see the first tournament, try to get the fastest time on the Mario Circuit. Your scores are updated whenever you best your self, and you can compare your scores to the best of the best. Wish you guys luck.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Almost Too Awesome to Eat

What would be cooler than getting one of these yummy Nintendo delights on your Birthday/Wedding?

Mario Birthday CakeZelda Cake

Wii Birthday CakeI wonder if the Wiimote is cake too?
DS Birthday CakeA tad think for a DS lite by still majorly cool.
Zelda CakeLove the little Link, and Tetra on the top.
Mario Wedding CakeBelieve it or not, but this appears to be a wedding cake, including a Mario, and Peach cake toppers.
Wii Wedding CakeWell the cake it self isn't really Nintendoish, I love how they used little Miis as their toppers.
Mario Birthday Cake
Mario Birthday CakeMario Cupcakes

I have some more, and I would gladdy post them here if you leave a post, also if you know who these little bundles of talent are by leave a line, and I'll gladdy credit. If you have a Mario Cake of your own, send me an email. :D

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Okami Cover Artwork Redemption

Okami Cover Artwork RedemptionOwners of Okami for the Wii had a little problem with the artwork on the front cover of the box, a highly visible IGN watermark right in the middle of the package, Capcom had decided to fix their little mistake by issuing replacement covers for all those who request them. Too bad they aren't really coming clean to the reason why Okami needs some new artwork, other than "To better reflect the artistic nature of the game".

You can choose from the original minus the watermark, or two others without the regular wii template. The email email confirmation says they should be shipped in the next couple of weeks. The art work on the replacement boxes are so beautiful you might want to pick up it even if you don't want to cover up their little mistake. To those who haven't got the game, it's absolutely brilliant, and you really should pick the game up, your won't regret it.

Okami Cover Artwork Redemption Website