Thursday, April 24, 2008

Okami Cover Artwork Redemption

Okami Cover Artwork RedemptionOwners of Okami for the Wii had a little problem with the artwork on the front cover of the box, a highly visible IGN watermark right in the middle of the package, Capcom had decided to fix their little mistake by issuing replacement covers for all those who request them. Too bad they aren't really coming clean to the reason why Okami needs some new artwork, other than "To better reflect the artistic nature of the game".

You can choose from the original minus the watermark, or two others without the regular wii template. The email email confirmation says they should be shipped in the next couple of weeks. The art work on the replacement boxes are so beautiful you might want to pick up it even if you don't want to cover up their little mistake. To those who haven't got the game, it's absolutely brilliant, and you really should pick the game up, your won't regret it.

Okami Cover Artwork Redemption Website

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