Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Almost Too Awesome to Eat

What would be cooler than getting one of these yummy Nintendo delights on your Birthday/Wedding?

Mario Birthday CakeZelda Cake

Wii Birthday CakeI wonder if the Wiimote is cake too?
DS Birthday CakeA tad think for a DS lite by still majorly cool.
Zelda CakeLove the little Link, and Tetra on the top.
Mario Wedding CakeBelieve it or not, but this appears to be a wedding cake, including a Mario, and Peach cake toppers.
Wii Wedding CakeWell the cake it self isn't really Nintendoish, I love how they used little Miis as their toppers.
Mario Birthday Cake
Mario Birthday CakeMario Cupcakes

I have some more, and I would gladdy post them here if you leave a post, also if you know who these little bundles of talent are by leave a line, and I'll gladdy credit. If you have a Mario Cake of your own, send me an email. :D

1 comment:

Brad said...

oh my god, that Wind Waker cake is unbelievable