Friday, March 28, 2008

Data Design Interactive Bringing you the Best in Shovel Ware.

Data Design Interactive Popcorn Arcade games

Data Design Interactive has brought you such 'great' games as Ninjabread Man, Anubis II(where is Anubis I anyways), and Mini Desktop Racing just to name a few. The only word I can think to describe them is crap. Exciting, engaging, and at least fun, some descriptions you want in a game, but don't think Data Design Interactive knows this. The company has been polluting the shelves(actually more like the bargain bin) with horrible, and absolute sh*t games under the name of Popcorn Arcade. A 20 dollar Wii game might sound like a good deal, but you will be far better off just saving that, and getting at least a decent game. Actually you will be better off burning that 20 dollars, since at least you have the fun of a little bit of fire.

So you would think that a company with such crap games would have a hard time staying in business let alone be even slightly successful, you would be forgetting what the target audience is for these games. The people who are buying these games are not the type who reads reviews about games, the People buying are the ones who don't give a second thought about shelling out $20 at Wal-Mart, based on nothing but the cover, or thinking they are being a great parent by getting a video game for their kid's birthday. It seems like Data Design Interactive can only do one thing right, that is design great looking covers to lure those who know nothing about video games.

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