Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top 5 Female Nintendo Characters

Super Sexy Samus Aran
Females might me under represented in Nintendo games, but the ones who are there, sure do pack a punch, the following is my list of the top 5 females that have graced the Nintendo name,

5.Krystal- Star Fox series
Originally designed to be the main character for the N64 title canceled Dinosaur Planet; she was later made her first appearance in the Gamecube title; Star Fox Adventures. She is the sole survivor of her doomed home planet, Cerinia. Depending on which path you choose in the game, Krystal can either join the team, or join Wolf in the Cornerian army. Krystal takes 5th place for showing that Fox, isn't the only awesome Nintendo fox.
4. Female Pokemon Trainer - Pokemon series
While they aren't the same character, we decided to group them together. Number 4 pick goes to the female trainer from Pokemon. Since Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon players have been able to choose their gender of the trainer. This spot goes to Cris(Crystal), May(Ruby,Sapphire, Emerald), Leaf, (leaf Green, Fire Red) and Dawn(Pearl, Diamond) of the Pokemon series. You go girls, go catch those legendaries.
3.Princess Peach-Super Mario Bros. series
Sure most of the time, she is playing the damsel in distress role, but you can't deny this girl's role not only in Nintendo history, but in video game history in general. Where would you think Mario will be if there wasn't a princess to save in Super Mario Bros? Don't think she is always the one in need of rescue though, the tables are turned in Super Princess Peach as you play this adorable girl to rescue both of the Mario brothers.
2.Princess Zelda- Legend of Zelda series
No one else on the list has her name right in the series of the game, our girl here has many tricks, and mysteries up her sleeves to boot. While she as well has a habit of getting kidnapped, it is shown that she is powerful in many ways. In some games she even appears as one of the sages. Zelda also processes the power to transform her self into her alter ego, shiek. Princess Zelda who is beautiful, but can ultimately kick you butt if she wants too.
1. Samus Aran-Metroid series

Samus isn't just the number one female video game character she tops the list of one of the best characters of all time. While the others on the list might have played major roles in video games, it is this armor clad girl that holds up a series all by her self. While you know whats under that armor is a drop dead hot women, she doesn't give it all away right away, and you can imagine the shock when after beating the first Metroid, when Samus takes off her helmet, and it is shown that that kick-butt space warrior you where playing turned out to be a women.

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