Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nyko Kama Launch Wireless Nunchucks with Limited Edition Colours

Wireless Wii Nunchucks

Nyko Kama are kicking off of their much raved wireless nunchucks with four limited edition colours. These wireless nunchucks remove the wire between the Wiimote, and Nunchuck, and really do make the Wii a wireless game experience. The four limited edition colours are grey, pink, black and gold, and only sold on their site for $34.99US each.

Only 300 of the grey, and black will be available, as well as 250 pink, and only 150 gold. Each colour will be avabile daily, Grey being available on April 22nd, black on the 23rd, pink hit's the site on the 25, and lastly gold on the 28th. If you interested, I would act quickly cause they sure will sell out fast, but don't worry if you only a want Wii white nunchuck, they will hit shelves at a store near you next month.

Visit their order page here to get yours today.

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