Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top 5 Annoying Super Mario Enemies

While enemies are supposed to make games difficult, some enemies make you want to pull out your hair in rage, and punch the nearest person. If you have played the games in the super Mario series, you know there are some enemies that make you want to smash the game in frustration, cause there is nothing worse than a cheap death caused by an annoying enemy.

5. Spiny

While they can be considered a nuisance as they are unable to be destroyed by jumping on them and must be taken care of by fireballs, or a starman's invincibly, they are consirded annoying when there are swarms of these mindless enemies are surrounding you, and are falling from the sky from another annoying enemy, the Lakitu.

4. The Angry Sun

The Angry Sun looks like the Raisin Bran sun on crack. It flies down at Mario in U shaped arch, and doesn't give up till you get to the end of the level. You can't jump on them, or use fireballs so you need to keep dodging them. Found in Super Mario Bros. 3, as well as Mario Kart DS, I don't know what it's so angry about, but they sure are annoying.

3. Hammer Bro.

Armed with a unlimited supply of hammers, and a constant throwing rate, Hammer Bros can be hella annoying when you are small, your dead before you even get close to them. Don't forget they hang out in groups of three, and I'm going to say your be annoyed when you can't get past these guys.


How to make an annoying enemy, first let make it so that you can't jump on it or hit it with fireballs. Then make it huge, in both height in width, and make them run towards Mario always. If that isn't annoying enough, you have to put them by ledges, and low ceilings, but to top it off lets put them on ice, so Mario can't stop and slam right into god damn things. I'm talking about Snailicorns, only found in New Super Mario Bros, these hell annoying snails need to be destroyed.

First appearing in the original Super Mario Bros and most games to follow, they have reached the rank of uber annoyance. They are Koopas, that decided to take to the skies, and throw their unlimited supply of spinies at you. Flying high above you, they are almost impossible to jump on, and when you destroy one, another one just takes it's place. If you miss your mark when trying to jump, you lose your fireflower, and those spinies are sure to get you.

Who do you find the most annoying enemies? Go ahead, and leave a comment with your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

the most annoying enemy in all Mario games is definitely Bowser since he shoots fireballs. (its fun to kill Bowser in all the Mario games especially New Super Mario Bros.)

Bowser the killer

Anonymous said...

....hammer bros i guess....what else can i choose?! its really annoying and i cant get past the one in world 5!!!!!! THE KILLER and NOT bowser the killert

Anonymous said...

The most anoying enemy in any mario game is the hammer brother in world 8-4 of Super Mario Brothers right infront of Bowser's bridge.