Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pandas on the DS

National Geographic Panda
"Awwwww", the first thing I said when I saw the screenshots for the upcoming Namco title 'National Geographic Panda'. There is something about cute baby pandas that gets to people, so maybe Namco Bandi made a wise decision to make a virtual pet simulator featuring our little black and white friends.

Due out Q4 2008, the game will feature raising pandas, and unlike Nintendogs where your pups never grow past puppyhood, National Geographic Panda will feature that grow up, and have cubs of their own. Like other pet simulators, you will also need to take care of your little furry friends by feeding, and playing with them. The game will also feature use of the DS's Internal clock, with in game days mimicking real world times.

With "National Geographic" in the name you can safely presume that their will be educational aspects in the game as well, a hit with the parents, and with the adorable pandas a hit with everyone else.

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