Thursday, April 17, 2008

Your Ideas in Ninjabread Man 2

Ninjabread man 2

"Here at Data Design Interactive we are giving Ninjabread Man fans the opportunity to have their ideas appear in this new Ninjabread Man video game."

Lack luster shovel ware developer Data Design Interactive is giving the chance for fans to submit ideas for the upcoming squeal to Ninjabread Man. Fans? Well I guess they aren't going to get any ideas, since the only fans they got are 5 year old mentally retarded kids who are also blind.

Okay, maybe I'm wrong since they already got morons sending in ideas, they even get their names in the credits if they are chosen, which is beyond me why anyone would want to be associated with anything made by DDI, a company who hasn't manage to put even one decent game to date.You can sumbit your ideas and watch them be turned into a pile of crap. Of course there is a slight chance DDI might actually put some effort into a game for a change, but I wouldn't even bet a penny on that.

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